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Social responsibility is significant to the students and teachers involved in ISRMUN. That is why the Secretariat is collaborating with UNICEF México, Casa Monarca and Unidos.

ISRMUN began working with Casa Monarca in 2022 to support migrants in the Monterrey area through education, awareness initiatives, and physical donations. The simulation started a partnership with UNICEF México in 2021. Now, in 2024, it will offer support to Unidos to promote and contribute to their powerful initiatives. ISRMUN will support the organization through monetary donations, education, and awareness initiatives. 

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ISRMUN collaborates with UNICEF as part of its membership in Nord Anglia Education. The partnership supports UNICEF in developing freely accessible learning materials on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) while helping Nord Anglia students gain the knowledge and skills to make positive change within their communities. The partnership builds on Nord Anglia’s work, embedding the SDGs and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) in all aspects of teaching and learning across its schools.

UNICEF México is a non-profit organization establishing and improving children’s rights in México. They help in education, health, infant protection, social politics, early childhood, adolescence, emergencies, birth registry, and personal hygiene. They do this by establishing solutions, initiating initiatives, and volunteering to help their goal be achieved. 

Learn more about UNICEF México here.


Casa Monarca is a non-governmental organization based in Monterrey, Mexico. It supports migrants who pass through the city, helping them with their most urgent needs, such as food, clothing, footwear, medical assistance, legal guidance and accompaniment. Its actions are aimed at promoting human rights and fostering solidarity with migrants.

In response to the harsh winter conditions migrants face in Monterrey, ISRMUN has launched a donation campaign to collect winter clothing items. The campaign encourages delegates, Chairs and advisors to collect warm coats, sweaters, scarves, and gloves. During ISRMUN, all donations can be left in the collection container outside the main gate in the internal street  ("Techito").

Learn more about Casa Monarca here.

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Unidos is a non-governmental organization that focuses on creating a better, more conscious, empathetic, and inclusive society where everyone, regardless of whether they have a disability or not. They organize and host educational, business, and inclusion programs to ensure equity in our community.

Learn more about Unidos here.


Check out our documented activities to showcase our great efforts to strengthen our community and support various causes. More coming soon!
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